You come to the studio
You bring your own camera and memory card
You bring your kids, pets, whatever you’d like to capture
We help you take your own amazing photos!

It’s simple, really.

You come visit us at our home studio, just as you would if you were coming to have photos done
But you bring your own camera and memory card

And from there, it’s really up to you!
We can help you understand your camera settings (if you’d like)
We can help you set up all the lights (if you’d like)
We can help explain all the little details of studio photos (if you’d like)
And when you are ready, You take the photos! (with our help, if you’d like)

You learn more about your camera
You learn more about taking amazing photos
And when your friends ask “Who took that amazing photo?” you get to say “I did!”

You’ve invested in a good camera, why not take your own amazing photos


from softboxes and beautydishes,
smoke machines and snoots,
we’ll help you create something special

Located in North Burnaby, BC – we are very fortunate to have a such a large, dedicated space for our creations.

Fully equipped with various backgrounds, multiple studio lights, light modifiers, meters, all sorts of gear, and yes, we even have a smoke machine if you are feeling adventurous!

We have a PC with Lightroom/ Photoshop and multiple ProArt monitors giving us the option to tether your camera to the computer so that we can review your photos as we take them.

Our studio is also pet friendly for those of you with little ones that are not of the human sort.
(we like to confirm with all our guests – we have 2 very friendly (and furry) cats, so if allergies are of any concern, please let us know in advance so that we can prepare accordingly)

The home-based aspect has many added benefits, including a TV room with a variety of movies & games to keep little ones occupied while we work with others.
Let us know who will be coming and we’ll be sure to have a movie or activity ready to entertain them.








Passionate about sharing ideas

Derek does the bulk of the instruction and shooting.
He has captured everything from weddings and architecture through elementary school students and professional wrestlers.
When not working or learning about photography (which seems to fill nearly all his time), you’ll find him in the garden growing veggies – which could be viewed as work, but he doesn’t think so.

Amanda is a photographer and assistant extraordinaire!
She acts as a second shooter during events and is an amazing assistant (in part thanks to her attention to detail).
Amanda works both sides of sessions – she entertains and assists in a seamless dance that makes things flow just perfectly.

Max has his “work” area just off the studio.
Chances are he will lift his head from a videogame just long enough to say hello.
Max is great at entertaining little brothers and sisters with the games – either digital or one of the hundred board games that have been collected over the years.
He is also the perfect subject when you need to test a lighting setup and you don’t want to use a stuffed animal or manikin head


You have questions
We are happy to answer

Im a complete beginner
So you’re a beginner? No problem at all.
We can spend as much or as little time learning about your camera as you’d like.
From there we can learn as much or as little about the light as you like as well.
Rest assured, you’ll leave with amazing photos and a much better understanding of your camera and its operation.
We even have printed material (paper or electronic) that summarizes everything for you to reference after the session.
I know just enough to be dangerous
So you already have a bit of experience? Perfect!
We’ll get right into the basics of lighting and understanding some of the more advanced camera settings.
Depending on how things go, perhaps we will throw a variety of different lighting setups together and play around with some advanced techniques.
Heck, maybe we’ll even break out the smoke machine and get creative!
Whatever course we take, we will customize your session to help you get the best possible photos.
I'm already a pro
Already comfortable with lighting and studio work? Awesome!!  We can work with that too!
The studio is available for rent and we’ll be happy to assist you moving lights/ holding reflectors, whatever you need.  Contact us for more details and rental rates.
I want you to do everything and I will just press the button
We can set everything up, including your camera, and hand it to you to shoot if you’d like.
Whatever your preference, we’re confident you will be thrilled with the results you get from your photoshoot.
My kids/pets are a handful
As parents, we understand kids. As pet owners, we understand pets. Kids are kids and pets are pets and we’d have it no other way. That’s why we love them and why we want to capture them in photos, right?
We know firsthand what it is like to have a subject that is grumpy or not exactly thrilled to be in front of the camera. Never to worry – we have all kinds of tricks to make things flow smoothly.
Specifically for the kids, we have a TV room just off the studio space where the kids can relax with a movie or play a game to keep them occupied. We offer a child friendly & pet friendly, relaxed environment with ample space for kids and pets of all sizes to move around and explore.



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